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ECU remapping FAQ's

Why Choose Hyper Remapping for my ECU Remap?

Hyper Remapping gives you the choice of the level of ECU remap you want. Be it Performance Engine ECU Remapping or Economy ECO Remapping, we have the ability to reach your exact requirements. We only use industry leading Engine ECU Remapping software and hardware.

Is the ECU Remapping software visible?

No. The Engine ECU Remapping software is not visible, but the tuning will be noticed when the car is tested on a dyno only. Nothing changes, only the Power, Performance or fuel economy.

Can my Vehicle be Remapped over the diagnostic port?

Yes, most vehicles are ECU Remapped over the OBD (on board diagnostics port) port of the car. Unless it is a Tri-Core ECU that is protected, for this we must take the ECU out of the Vehicle and have it remapped this way.

Can my Vehicle get the original ECU Remap back?

Before we do anything we make a Full Copy of your Original Engines ECU’s Remap. If you want the Engines ECU putting back to factory at any time, this can be done. We also give you the Original Engine ECU Map file along with the tuned Engines ECU Remap file for future reference.

Do I need to change anything on my vehicle?

With our ECU Remapping you don’t need to change anything. The only recommendation we give is to install a high flow air filter (Pipercross, K&N) that would allow the Engines ECU Remap to maximise its full power or economy gains.

I have automatic – what then?

Hyper Remapping Engine ECU Remaps can be used for all transmission types, from automatic, to semi auto, to CVT Triptronic, paddle shift and manual.

Will my fuel consumption be affected?

No. Hyper Remapping Engine ECU Remaps will in fact improve your MPG. Even on a performance Remap, as long as you are driving your vehicle in the same manner as you did before the ECU Remapping your fuel consumption will most likely improve. Economy ECO Remapping will improve your MPG with money savings on fuel. As a rule the above mainly applies to Turbo Diesel ECU Engines and we guarantee you will save fuel on Turbo Diesel Vehicles, Light Commercials and HGV’s. Depending on the make and model many petrol engine vehicles will also get fuel improvements.

Will ECU remapping invalidate my vehicle warranty?

NO. The way the Engine ECU Remapping files are flashed to a vehicle is completely undetectable.

Is ECU remapping legal?

Yes Engine ECU Remapping your vehicle is entirely legal and there is no law against this. All Hyper Remapping ECU Remaps are custom tuned to the Vehicle.

Is there any risk to my vehicle?

There are no risks to your vehicle, provided that your vehicle has been regularly serviced and that the main engine parts are in good working order. Where vehicles have very worn parts or engine faults, an Engine ECU Remap will tend to highlight these problems.

Hyper Remapping will NOT Remap any Vehicle which has Engine problems or has not been regularly serviced in accordance with the manufacturer guidelines.

Each Hyper Remapping Engine ECU Remap is tailored to the Vehicle being Remapped to ensure only the best results. Hyper Remapping ECU Remaps are not generic ECU Remaps but are custom tuned Remaps.

Can the vehicle be put back to standard?

Yes Hyper Remapping offers this service free of charge. If you are selling your Vehicle you can leave the Remap as it can even enhance the selling price. But we'll be very surprised if you do want it back to standard after taking control of your vehicle's Remapped Performance.

Should I tell my insurance company?

Whilst the upgrade is undetectable, the responsible answer to this question has to be "yes", your insurance company should be notified.

Are tuning boxes any good?

Tuning boxes are ‘generic’ remaps. These are not custom tuned to the exact Vehicle. They are a quick fix but are not the real deal ECU Remaps. Tuning Boxes are only for Diesel ECU Vehicles.

There are ‘Tuning Boxes’ and Maps available for my Vehicle, is this not the same?

No, With Tuning Boxes, all that is changed is the injection duration and fuel rail pressures. With a remap there are Over 20+ different changes that are made to achieve an optimal balance with power, economy and sustainability.

You do not list my vehicle - Can you help?

Our vehicle lists are being updated on a regular basis, Please email Hyper Remapping for specific Vehicle requests.